Descret-Ti-Yhs, The Whistler

Descret-Ti-Yhs, the 2 headed dragon, is from my sophomore or junior year in high school. It is entirely magic marker on posterboard, and gives you a great idea of what i was reading at the time. Unknown to me, it was entered by my father in the NC State Fair amateur art competition, where it won 2d place among all H.S. students statewide.

The Whistler was a 1st attempt at ink/acrylic. For the Jethro Tull followers out there, it will require no explanation, though they might not agree with my interpretation. It is 2’x3’, and several decades old.



I don’t know what it is about me and uniforms and swords...


Rough sketch for “Historee of Warfair"


Not exactly sure where this one came from...

Redneck Idol

Man, is this ancient.

Ballet Lion

An advert for the dance studio I worked for.

Musical Director

There was a collection of Theatrical Production Staff; this is the only one I found so far.


Better than rough of Bostelthwop, the Easter troll.


Rough Pencil Sketch 4

Rough West Side Story/Periwinkle hybrid

Rough Pencil Sketch 3

1st rough, “Sugar Plump Fairy"

Rough Pencil Sketch 2

Conductor from “LIZ I IS"

Rough Pencil Sketch 1

Just rough pencil sketches, like it say.